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Coaching solutions to learn how to use your body to discover your Authentic Self... and what brings Meaning & Joy

Finding what's missing 

doesn't have to be elusive 

Just listen to your Bodymind

Feel connected

Be Authentic 

Find Certainty 

Free mini-course

Inside of us is a Place... 

Where we know we are alive

Where we make decisions

(especially big decisions)

That impacts our joy and happiness

 Most people believe it is their brain ...


 It is in the Bodymind! 


Experience it for yourself!

Imagine feeling connected to life and living your purpose.  Begin to experience it today.  What do you have to lose? 

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Find your connection

Using the Bodymind allows you to tap into the part of you that "knows" and when you connect with that... you connect with others

Find your Authenticity

Uncertainty of who we are creates fear... so we try to act in a way which is "accepted."  Using your Bodymind gives the certainty

Free Mini-Course

A guide for YOUR journey

It can be a little difficult at first, but when you have someone to walk you through it - you can tap it on your own anytime

How did I discover the Bodymind?  


I believe it found me... 

I did not expect to be coaching people on how to discover and use their Bodymind.  Through an interesting journey I discovered it and now I want to share it with those who face the same challenges I had. 

Take the mini-course


Take the Mini-Course

Group Coaching


Go on the journey with a small group of people like yourself.  Groups are limited to only 11 people to ensure growth by all

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Individual Coaching


A one on one journey through the most difficult challenges




Get the best of both worlds.  Get the support that comes from a group plus the privacy of working 1 on 1



Frequently Asked Questions

The Bodymind Journey

Phase 1

Learn to listen

Your Bodymind is already talking to you - you just need to learn to hear it


Phase 2

Use it in everyday life

Once you can hear your Bodymind, begin to use it everyday

Take the mini-course

Phase 3

Feel Connected, Authentic, and On Purpose

Love living from your heart